Our history

The project

I - The beginning

There are dreams, I would not say dreams ... more ideas, it seems that all of life moves us and make it go a certain way !!

I am Alentejo, always in the diaspora. I live well in my "urbanity", I do not especially like agricultural tasks ..., I really do not like anything ... I love my profession, I'm in good with life, which I never wanted to change.

However the calm of the village, the countryside to lose sight of, preferably with "that heat" that surrounds us gives me peace and takes me back to some corner of my childhood where I could have followed any way, any life ...

Then every now and then the idea would come up ... I would like to have a Monte ... (so no more, no second intentions ...) Sometimes I would tell someone ... I think it was around the year 2000 that someone called me saying that there was a Monte good for us!! We did not want it, it was not in the "program" ... maybe one day ... In the summer of 2002, another phone call: we have a spectacular Monte for you !! Let's see ... Let's ... The "Monte" was perfect: good access, electricity, a fantastic olive grove, big and well kept, a house like new ... had tiles and everything !!

Nah ... you know, I wanted more weed - I said to the Real Estate Agent - Manel and the boys looked at me incredulous ... (I think they thought: - he went crazy for once ...). And then he said yes, that there was a Monte but very old, to fall, and the site ...

What if you took us there ?? Alentejo, August, a heat of those ... in the middle of nowhere ... I only really kill, and when we were about to arrive, one of my children, between 8 and 12 years old, said, "Mom, do you think it's here?" Yes, I think so!! The house in ruins had an oven, old bread ... it was a place with soul ... we had arrived ...

II - The beginning of the "problems"

We bought the "monte".

We did not even know if it would be under water (the dam was still empty) or if we could build something. It was agreed that for 10 years I would not have any idea ... But 2 years (2 Summers) later, I thought: what if we planted anything ??

Zona Agraria - Yes, you can plant olive trees, but the deadline of the DPIP (declaration of intention to plant) ends today ... Today? What time? It was the principle of the counter-clock in which we live ...

We lay down literally "hands on the ground", The land more than harsh, was torn and prepared, a small dam was dug (there was a thin line of water). We transformed a wild space, in what would later be our "garden". We planted olive groves, orange groves and some shady trees ... And now we're going to rebuild the "hill" ... we could not !! Only repair the existing 100 square meters ...

Between opinions, missed steps, projects made and redone, we arrived in April 2009. The architecture project had been approved ... in that area, if it were for tourism purposes we could "enlarge" the existing construction ... Then yes the dream came to the fore, and why not live at least two lives ?? Against everything and all the evidence we decided to advance, (still only on paper).

More projects, more steps lost ... August 2010 - project financing approved by Proder ... Point of no return ... Now was seriously ... Deadline to start construction August 18, 2011 ...

Come on!

The project

an area of Agroturismo that we have, in the Heart of the Alentejo, next to Alqueva's Albufeira.

Brief presentation of our project

We opened the doors on July 2, 2016. We acquired the property and have always strived for it to be the most integrated with the surroundings and the region. In this way, we would not lose one of the great assets of our property (the bucolic landscape). On the other hand, the Alqueva reservoir, the lake, came to us. Without realizing the size of the Alqueva project, we were with water closer than we imagined (about 5 minutes walk from the house). We easily fell in love with the lake and therefore all kinds of nautical activities such as boating, kayaking or SUP padle are a must (available by appointment).

We have partner companies, who even see our clients take the Aldeia da Estrela (+3 km) pontoon, providing exclusive tours, for which Monte provides the picnic baskets.

We have 6 double rooms and 1 twin + family suite (up to 4 people). 3 with pool view and others with pool / countryside view.

Each room has a small outdoor space reserved for the guest with a table and a chair to read a book, or for the laziest, a Brazilian network to sleep a nap.

Facilities include: Indoor and outdoor breakfast room, Common room with central fireplace and outdoor lounge, games room, reading room, Spa, cardio area, wine cellar, event hall, swimming pool, a small lake. We have our own vegetable garden, a small orchard and chickens.

We are situated in the Dark Sky of Alqueva reserve (this reserve was considered one of the best places in the world for stargazing), which gives us a wonderful night sky.


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